Google Apps For Education: 3 Opportunities To Stand Out

Education Use Cases

As the digital world around us continues to evolve, automation is becoming increasingly relevant for a variety of industries. If executed well, those of us in the education industry are among one of the key groups standing to gain the most from this transition, with particular opportunity in automating our Google apps for education.  

Google Workspace for Education is a repository of G-Suite tools that enables seamless learning and management in any classroom, helping teachers and administrators to make the most efficient use of their time and resources. With this, students, parents, teachers, and administrators can streamline their communications and administrative tasks by harnessing the power of automation to set repetitive processes on autopilot.

With a process automation tool in place, all your usual activities like sending and receiving assignments online, submitting consent forms, creating files, setting up email accounts, and tracking attendance can be significantly sped up, leaving more time to spend on more meaningful tasks. 

Here are some opportunities in which automating your Google Workspace for Education can help you save time and resources, whilst providing an improved learning experience for all students. 

1. Opportunity to support the Educators

Many instructors spend hours reading essays and checking test answers before grading papers for an entire class. Not only is it tedious, but it is also highly time-consuming! 

Through education automation apps, teachers can:

– schedule their classes;
– track attendance;
– send personalized ‘welcome’ and ‘thank you’ emails;
– and even keep a permanent record of graded assignments in a digital format.

Placing the responsibility for routine processes onto a reliable platform like Google can relieve teachers of the pressure. Finally, it’ll free up their time to spend more time with their students. They can also join Google Educators Groups to share and support each other as they use technology in impactful ways for students.

Additionally, using Google workspace in a school’s system can eliminate a lot of manual paperwork. As a result, educators can focus on what matters in education. Instead, they can be busy developing closer, more meaningful relationships with teachers, students, and parents.

2. Opportunity to secure positive learning experiences for Students

As more and more classrooms become virtual, education process automation allows students to better interact with academic staff. For example, by receiving faster and more accurate feedback on their homework, projects, and exams. In schools adopting automation techniques, students no longer have to deal with mistakes in grading. As well as wait weeks to get feedback on their assignments.

Google Apps for Education also allows students to submit their college applications online. They do not have to spend time traveling to campus buildings or worrying about lost paperwork. An automated process workflow can accurately estimate how much aid each student will receive and if they’ve been accepted into college yet.

Using automation, students can also optimize their time and focus on accomplishing their academic goals.

3. Opportunity to comfort and assist Parents

Reaching and connecting with parents is a significant growth driver for many education-based institutions. Schools that reassure parents that they’re creating good experiences for their children — will spur positive feelings and relief. 

For instance, primary and secondary schools could send an automated SMS alert to a parent’s phone when their child unexpectedly misses school. It’ll increase student safety and parents’ peace of mind. Teachers can send out pre-filled progress cards and assignment reports to the parents using Google apps for education. 

Ready for the Future?

The future of education will be driven by people who can learn and adapt quickly, use technology to boost their productivity, and collaborate effectively.

And that’s what G-Suite for education automation does. It is a godsend to the education sector that has changed how teachers communicate with learners. Most importantly, it prepares students to learn the same way they will work one day—online.

To integrate a G-Suite automation platform into your institution, explore zenphi’s seamless drag-and-drop interface. It requires a minimal learning curve that helps administrators build a reputation for offering the highest quality education while ensuring efficiency, productivity, and transparency.

Take a tour through zenphi’s Education Automation use cases and step-by-step videos to liberate your staff from manual data entry, and streamline all education processes.

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