How to Use Google Workspace Effectively: 3 Hacks

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Whether you’re completely new to the G-Suite environment, or already consider yourself an advanced user, there is always room to learn how to use Google Workspace more effectively. This guide is a great first step to boosting your productivity at work using Google Apps. In it, we cover some little-known gems in Google Docs, a Gmail hack to supercharge your schedule, and a built-for-Google Workspace automation platform that can make a world of difference to your business. So read on and remember; “productivity is being able to do things you were never able to do before” — Franz Kafka. 

How to use google workspace effectively 3 hacks


1. Make the Most of Google Docs

Whatever your role involves, chances are, it’s bound to include some writing. Next time you’re using Google Docs, try out these shortcuts and save yourself some serious time.


Research without Changing Tabs

Are you someone who gets easily distracted by popups and the lure of other websites? Next time you are working in Google Docs, rather than opening another tab to search online or within another document, try using the Explore feature in the bottom right of your screen. This powerful little tool can search other documents, files on Google Drive and even the world wide web to get you the information you need, all without leaving the doc you’re working on. 

The demonstration of how to find the Explore Feature in Google Docs
Use Voice to Type

Next time you find yourself toiling away on a document and you’re ready to give your fingers a rest, try using voice typing to get the job done. Leveraging the power of the Google Voice Assistant, this feature enables you to dictate whatever needs writing with amazing accuracy. Just click Tools > Voice Typing in Google Docs to give it a try.

The demonstration of how to find the Voice typing feature in Google Docs


Edit Images

Did you know you can edit images within Google Docs? Depending on what you need to change, save yourself some time and make edits directly in your doc. While we’re not saying there is the functionality to rival that of Photoshop, you can edit the image dimensions, and coloring, and even adjust brightness and contrast. 

The demonstration of how Google Workspace Admin can edit the images inside Google Docs


2. Explore Third-Party Apps and Extensions for Google Workspace 

While there’s no denying the Google Workspace is great at helping your business run like a well-oiled machine, the Workspace Marketplace is chock full of apps and extensions that, when plugged into your Google software, can help you work even smarter and achieve more. 

Here’s how it works. 

Accessing the Marketplace homepage, you’ll see an endless list of add-ons broken down into categories like business essentials, and work from anywhere, as well as selections of apps designed to work with particular Google tools like Gmail or Google Meet. You can even sort by top-rated and most popular add-ons if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. To give you some inspiration, here are some great apps you can find on the Marketplace to boost your productivity with Google Workspace:

Trello for Gmail: If you use Trello to create lists and manage projects in your business, you’re going to want to take note. The Trello for Gmail add-on sits within your inbox, allowing you to create cards and add tasks without leaving Gmail. 

Miro: This design and collaboration tool is widely used in the technology world. Moreover, Miro is gaining popularity everywhere else for its ability to promote creativity in teams. This handy add-on makes it easy to share boards from Google products. Besides, it even has a planned integration with Google Meet on the way. 

Calendly: Anyone who needs to organize external meetings will know the power of Calendly. This app integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, making it easier than ever to organize meetings.

Whatever you need to streamline your business, you can find it on the Google Workspace Marketplace. 


3. Have your Daily Agenda Sent to your Gmail Inbox

If your role makes you feel like you constantly have multiple balls in the air, this one’s for you. There’s a handy hack within your Google Calendar that will send a summary of your events and meetings to your Gmail inbox every morning. No more missed meetings or being the last of the team on that Google Meet. This reminder will make sure the day’s agenda is fresh on your mind without having to manually check your calendar. Want to try it for yourself? From your calendar, head to Google Calendar settings > Other notifications > Daily agenda. 

The demonstration of how Google Workspace Admin can send the daily agenda to Gmail from Google Calendar


Bonus Pro Tip: Automate Repetitive Tasks to Supercharge Google Workspace efficiency 

Managing all Google Workspace processes can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially if you do it manually. And even if you use AppScript for automation you will spend weeks or months coding, updating, testing, and maintaining the scripts.

Luckily, with zenphi – the only no code business process automation platform for Google Workspace – you can automate mundane tasks, and focus on more strategic projects.

Here are some common Google Workspace tasks that zenphi can automate: 


With zenphi, you not only can automate repetitive Google Workspace tasks but entire business processes like:

Employee Onboarding;

and more. Check out the zenphi YouTube channel to find more tutorials.


The Next Step

We love Google Workspace because it really makes team collaboration a breeze. Did you learn a thing or two from this guide about how to use Google Workspace more effectively? Boost your whole team’s productivity by sharing these tips & tricks with your colleagues!

Keep an eye on more helpful resources about all things productivity, automation, and Google Workspace on the zenphi LinkedIn page.

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