June, 2024 Product Updates: AI-Powered Document Translation, Flow Run Analysis & More

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Zenphi is excited to present a powerful AI-driven translation solution that can be leveraged now by every Zenphi user on the Pro plan and above.

AI For Translation

Zenphi’s powerful AI-driven translation solutions now support translating structured documents such as PDF’s, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Google Docs. The new actions are capable of translating the entire document, while preserving the document layout and formatting such as tables, headings, font size/styles etc. The translation actions support over 250 languages.

If your marketing team is struggling to maintain communication in a multilingual format, this is the solution to all their problems.

Imagine this: planning a weekly newsletter email campaign, they no longer have to hire a translator, write a brief, or approve the quality of the translation. Here’s how their workflow might look:

— Assign a task to a content manager.

— As soon as the copy is ready (written in a Google Doc in the Marketing shared Drive), the head of content will receive an email notification and a request for approval.

— Once the copy is approved, the email will go out to a specific customer segment associated with the language of the original copy.

— Other segments will receive emails in their preferred languages with the translation done by AI accurately and smoothly, including the translation of charts, graphs, and contact details.

All translated copies will be automatically saved in a dedicated Google Drive folder. In the meantime, your flow can also add watermarks to your images and PDF used in your marketing communication, if necessary.

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Flow and Flow Run Analysis

We have introduced a set of new actions relevant for our Enterprise customers. They allow you to dive deeper into flow run analytics.

List Flow Runs Action

This action allows you to retrieve a list of flow runs that have been executed within Zenphi. It is useful for tracking the execution history of workflows created in Zenphi, facilitating monitoring, auditing, and further actions based on flow run information.

Get Flow Run Details

This action retrieves detailed information about a specific flow run within Zenphi. It is particularly useful for troubleshooting, auditing, or monitoring specific instances of workflows executed in Zenphi, allowing users to delve into the specifics of each flow run’s execution details.

List Of Flows

This action retrieves a list of all available flows configured within Zenphi. It is useful for users who need an overview of all workflows or automation processes set up within Zenphi, facilitating management, analysis, and maintenance of these flows.

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