How to Use the Google Sheets Lookup Row(s) Action

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When automating our workflows on Google Workspace, we heavily rely on Google Sheets to store data and also to lookup reference data. Say you want to look up customer information by customer id. We usually store customer information in a sheet and will need to scan through the Id column to find a match. The …

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5 Crucial Features of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) that Will Help you Optimize your Business


Workflow automation is essential in improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing return on investments (ROI), and optimizing your business. One of the leading productivity suites today helps businesses to seamlessly collaborate  is Google Workspace. A CNBC report revealed that over six million businesses are currently using the Workspacebundle.  A significant reason for this growth is Google …

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Dynamically Generate Google Slide Using Google Sheets Data and Export it to PDF

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Automatically turning a set of data from one file to another can save you and your team untold amounts of time, not to mention how it will innovate and speed up several areas of your daily operations. Data entry is such a huge part of every business. That is why it is no surprise for …

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Automating Your Document Approval Workflow

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In a business setting, one of the most frequent and recurring tasks that you can observe is document approval. As a zenphi content writer, it is my daily task to draft our blog post and request my editor’s approval.  This used to be one of our most tedious processes with one too many back and …

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Automate Your Supplier Invoice Approval Workflow on Google Workspace

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Supplier invoicing is one of the many and recurring business processes that take place in a business setting. AccountingTools define supplier invoice as: “The bill issued by a vendor for goods delivered or services rendered to a customer. The recipient of a supplier invoice issues its own invoices to its customers, and so may refer …

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Google Forms Workflow Automation and Approval Tasks

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The world we move in revolves heavily around data. In the modern business world, data is the driving force behind impactful and cutting-edge decisions. Trends and statistics are both closely monitored and analyzed so we can incorporate them seamlessly into business strategies and processes. Given how vital data is to business, experts have poured time …

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