How To Automate Google Tasks Workflows


Discover how to boost efficiency and save valuable time by automating the creation of Google Tasks. This comprehensive guide explains how to do it step-by-step. 


How Google Workspace Users Can benefit from Automating Google Tasks

One of the most commonly used features by Google Workspace users is the Google Tasks tool, often used for assigning tasks to others or even oneself. Nevertheless, the manual review and addition of tasks can prove exceedingly time-consuming. A survey by RescueTime (a time-tracking software company) found that the average worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of their workday, on tasks that could be automated.

 Zenphi is an ultimate Google Workspace automation tool. As the only true no-code process automation platform designed explicitly for Google Apps, Zenphi offers an efficient solution, enhancing productivity and time management.


Actions Available in Zenphi

Zenphi provides a variety of capabilities known as “Actions” to manage and interact with your Google Tasks efficiently. To easily filter and access these actions, utilize the search bar at the top or scroll down to search by category. As illustrated below, there are a multitude of options available to automate this mundane task, enhancing productivity and saving time.

zenphi interface showing create a task action


“Create Task” Action

The first action available to use is the “Create Task” action. As its name suggests, this enables the creation of a new task within an existing Task List. You can use dynamic data from various sources, ex. Google Forms, Asana, Salesforce, etc., to create a new task using this action. 

To utilize this functionality or any other actions, establish the connection to your Google Tasks. This enables Zenphi to access and modify tasks seamlessly. Within the configuration, you can specify the tasks’ title, due date, designated Task list, and incorporate additional notes, enhancing organizational efficiency. 

zenphi create a task window


“Create a Task List” Action

Now what happens when you wish to not only create a new task but also a new Task List? Then the “Create Task List” action is your solution. To set up this action, simply establish the connection and provide a name for your new list.


If you want to access information from existing lists, the “List Task Lists” action is invaluable. It enables you to view all lists linked to your Google Tasks account. Simply set up the connection to your Google Tasks account, and as an output, the action will provide you with a collection of all the Task Lists.



“Read Task” Action

If you need to read information from a specific Task List you’re able to make use of the “Read Task List Information” action, which enables you to access information like the title of the Task List, its ID and even the URL to the task. To configure this action all you have to do is set up the connection and select the Task List you wish to read.

Additionally, if you need to view a specific task within these lists, the “Read Task” action facilitates task filtering based on list and task ID specifications. Similar to the previous action but more useful if you wish to read a collection of Tasks we have the “Read Tasks” action, which allows you to read not only 1 task at a time but multiple tasks from a Task List at once.

zenphi update task window


“Update Task” Action

Another useful action offered by Zenphi for Google Tasks is called “Update Task.” This feature allows you to modify different aspects of a task, including the title, due date, task status, and adding notes. It proves especially beneficial when combined with other Zenphi actions tasked with monitoring task completion and making updates accordingly.

To configure this action, select the Task List and Task ID for the desired task, and adjust any parameters as needed.


Tailor Your Workflow With Maximum Flexibility

In conclusion, Zenphi offers a plethora of tools designed to simplify the often time-consuming tasks of updating and creating Google Tasks. By harnessing the power of Zenphi’s automation capabilities, you can reclaim valuable time to focus on tasks that demand your full attention. Not only will you save time and enhance productivity in your workspace, but you’ll also have the flexibility to tailor your workflow to your specific needs—all without the need for coding.

Take the first step towards optimizing your productivity by creating your free Zenphi account today using the provided link. Upon registration, kickstart the development of your first automated flow, and start revolutionizing your task management process and enhancing efficiency across your workspace.



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