101 Of Google Docs Automation: A Full Guide


Discover how to boost efficiency and save valuable time by automating the creation of Google Tasks. This comprehensive guide explains how to do it step-by-step.


How Google Workspace Users Can benefit from Automating Google Docs

One of the most commonly used features by Google Workspace users is Google Docs tool, often utilized for document creation, sharing, and editing. Many of these tasks are repetitive and consume significant time. How much time do you spend in a day simply editing documents? A survey by RescueTime (a time-tracking software company) found that the average worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of their workday, on tasks that could be automated.

 Zenphi  provides a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline these processes. As the sole true no-code process automation platform tailored explicitly for Google Apps, Zenphi delivers an efficient solution, enhancing productivity and time management.


Actions Available in Zenphi

Zenphi provides a range of capabilities known as “Actions” for efficient management and interaction with your Google Docs. To conveniently filter and access these actions, utilize the search bar at the top or scroll down to search by category. As illustrated below, there are numerous options available to automate these mundane tasks, thereby enhancing productivity and saving time. Whether you need to merge or generate documents, or export them, you’ll find everything you need.


google docs automations related actions: generate document, export document and others


“Convert To Docs” Action

The first action available for Google Docs in Zenphi is “Convert to Docs”, allowing you to transform various formats such as plain text, HTML, and image files into a Google Doc. This feature is invaluable for simplifying the task of converting documents into the correct format, enhancing workflow efficiency. Conversely, if you need to export your Google Doc into a different format, the “Export Docs” action enables you to select from a range of formats, providing flexibility in document management.



“Generate Document Using Template” Action

Document creation is fundamental for Google Workspace users, yet the repetitive nature of this task consumes valuable time. Zenphi offers the “Create Document” and “Generate Document Using Template” actions to address this issue and boost productivity. With “Create Document”, you can swiftly generate a blank document, specifying its name and location for storage. Alternatively, the “Generate Document Using Template” action is perfect if you possess a predefined template and aim to create a new document using it as a framework.

This feature allows you to personalize documents by substituting placeholders, seamlessly integrating dynamic data. Such functionality ensures streamlined document creation devoid of manual data input, while preserving the integrity of your template for future utilization.



“Replace Placeholders” Action

However, if you prefer to replace placeholders in an existing template without generating a new document, you can effortlessly update the Google Docs document using the “Replace Placeholders” action. This allows for swift customization while maintaining the structure of your original template.



“Insert Sheets Table into Document” Action

If you need to insert a Google Sheet table into your document, the “Insert Sheets Table into Document” action in Zenphi allows you to seamlessly add a table from a Google Sheets file into your document. You can position it using a placeholder and customize attributes such as width and border color. This is really useful because it enables you to leverage the formatting and calculation capabilities of Google Sheet. However, Google Sheets isn’t the only content you can integrate.

insert sheets table into document menu


“Merge Documents” Action

However, Google Sheets isn’t the only content you can integrate. You can also merge other Google Docs documents into the same document using the “Merge Documents” action. This feature enables you to specify the insertion point and even utilize placeholders for precision. With Zenphi, manual combining or addition of content to your documents becomes a thing of the past – everything can be automated effortlessly!


Tailor Your Workflow With Maximum Flexibility

Zenphi offers a plethora of powerful actions designed to streamline and automate your Google Docs workflow. Whether it’s converting different file formats, generating documents from templates, inserting tables from Google Sheets, or merging multiple documents seamlessly, Zenphi empowers you to save time, enhance productivity, and eliminate manual tasks. Take the first step towards optimizing your productivity by creating your free Zenphi account today using the provided link. Upon registration, kickstart the development of your first automated flow, and start revolutionizing your task management process and enhancing efficiency across your workspace.

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