May, 2024 Product Updates: External Contacts Management, Add Watermarks & More

Integrated AI Usage , Product Updates

Exciting new updates for the Zenphi platform that make the work of marketing, legal, IT, and HR teams much better and easier.

Google Workspace External Contacts: Create, Update, Delete

By default, Google Contacts will only list contacts from associated Google Workspace accounts (domain profiles); it will not list external contacts.

However, there are many use cases when you would need to handle external ones as well. For example, as part of your DLP (data loss prevention) strategy, you might want to audit external file sharing on one hand, and not red-flag external contacts that have been approved as secure. In this case, you’d need to create approved external contacts.

On the other hand, if a sales manager is leaving your organization, you’d want to update external contacts that they have created, adding a new owner. 

Finally, when you work with contractors and share some information, after the project is over, you’d want to delete their external contact to make sure data is no longer shared with the contractor anymore.

Also, Zenphi now has a new action: Get External Contact. The idea is to list all external contacts that have been created in the directory.

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Google Workspace Events: Get Events

Now you can also track events that are listed in a specific user’s calendar, regardless of whether they organized it or not. As long as it is in the calendar, the events can be processed, and all relevant data extracted (title, attendees, time, description, location, etc.).

Shared Drive Members

It is getting easier and easier to manage shared drive members using Zenphi. Starting from May 2024, you can now add members and remove members automatically.

Google Directory: Group Members

To provide the list of members within a group, we have designed an action called “List Members of the Group.” We can use the page token to see paginated results when we have more than a thousand members in the group.

Insert Content to Google Docs

An exciting new update allows Zenphi users to add content to Google Docs automatically. It can be text or HTML. And not only that! Users can choose at which location or tagged place they want to place the content.

Use cases for this action? Plentiful! For example, adding preambles to legal documentation as a part of your legal document management system. Or, while using AI in the recruitment process, adding comments to the candidate’s CV and sending the CV to the line manager with your comments.

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Apply Watermarks to PDF

This is a long-awaited great addition to the product! More details on how to add watermarks to PDF with a step-by-step tutorial read in our new blog post.

For more details and tutorials on using these new features, talk to your Customer Success Manager or schedule a call with our team.