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Onboarding and offboarding staff is a very common process in organizations. That’s why those are amongst the most used use cases in process automation. However, there are still companies which have not fully automated their offboarding process or there are situations where the offboarding does not cover revoking licenses assigned to users.That means the company ends up paying for the license fees of the users who are no longer working with them.
This is especially common in organizations with a lot of employees or the ones which have quite a few temporary contractors, etc.

Luckily using Zenphi with just a few steps you can automatically identify inactive users in your Google Directory, and revoke their licenses.
Of course, you may want to get approval from the inactive user’s manager (or someone else in the organization) before revoking the license and/or deleting the user.
You can also define various conditions on when to consider a user inactive. It could be the last login date, their last activity on Google Drive, or simply by querying your HR system to see if the employee’s contract is still valid. They can be done easily with Zenphi.


For this demo, we have configured a flow which

  • Runs, on a schedule
  • Gets all active Google Workspace licenses in our account
  • Checks if any of the those licenses has not been active in the past 30 days
  • Compiles a list of inactive accounts into a Google Sheet
  • Sends the Google Sheet for approval to a designated person in the company
  • The person marks the ones which need to be deleted (or whose license needs to be revoked) in the Google Sheet and responds to the task
  • Automatically delete/revokes the licenses for the marked accounts

Now, Let’s have a look at the steps.

First, we have configured our flow to run every three months. You can configure it to run on a different schedule, or on demand.

Getting a List of Active Google Workspace Licenses

The first step is to get all the active licenses in our Google Directory.

Find Inactive Users Activities in Google Workspace

For this demo, an inactive user is a user who has not done any activities on Google Drive in the last 30 days. So, first calculate the date for the 30 days ago, and then loop through the licenses. For each license we use the List Activities to query the license user’s activities in the last 30 days. If the number of activities is greater than zero, we consider the user active. Otherwise we add the account to the Google Sheet.

Revoke Inactive Users Google Workspace Licenses

We then send the Google Sheet to be reviewed by a designated person. That person receives a task, and needs to open the Sheet and mark the ones which need to be revoked/deleted as Yes in the column D. Once finished, the person clicks on the Done button.

The Flow then queries the Sheet for the rows which are marked Yes in column D, and starts deleting/revoking the license.

You can also see a short demo video, demonstrating this flow.

Hopefully, this flow helps you put managing your Google Workspace licenses on auto pilot, saving a lot of time and money. You can get started with Zenphi for free and start automate your processes.

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