Empower Your Team With Gmail Workflow Automation

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Gmail by Google is no doubt one of the most-relied upon email services out in the market. And adding Gmail Workflow automation will supercharge your emailing system.
If you are reading this article, then you are looking for ways to elevate your Gmail experience. Despite being a powerhouse tool, Gmail can do more if you add automation to it. 
And zenphi can help you with that.
When you use zenphi for your Gmail workflow automation you can:
  • Save time sending repetitive emails. Do this with a few drag and drops of zenphi’s actions and a premade HTML or Google Docs email template. Then, you can now send the emails to the right people with only a click.
  • A lot of our processes start when we receive a specific email. For example, you may be receiving invoices from your suppliers. This would then be routed, approved, paid, and stored in a system of record. You can delegate them all to zenphi.
  • Streamline your team’s workflow, especially when going after document approvals.
  • Connect Gmail to Slack to automatically push notifications to your instant messaging channels.
  • Eliminate manual sending of email notifications.
  • Automatically save attachments from specified Gmail inbox.

Automatically Perform Mail Merge and Send Emails with Gmail Workflow Automation

We all know how frustrating it is to create the same email on repeat no matter how important those emails are. 
A good example is your business invoices. Typing your invoices is fine if you only have one or two customers to take care of. But if you have several, this task can take up a lot of time. Add the fact that it is a regular thing to do, then you have to find a way to cut this inefficient method.
Luckily, zenphi’s Generate Document and Send Email actions can help you. You can drag and drop these actions to create and send customer invoices with only a click.
Gmail Workflow Automation using zenphi Step # 01.

Make sure to prepare beforehand your Invoice template using Google Docs or Slide. You should also have a list of your vendors using Google Sheets.

Take Automatic Action When Emails Arrive

Constantly watching out for incoming emails is another task that wastes most of our time. Not to mention how it can become a bad habit.
Inbox watching can consume you, we all know this. Jumping between your current task and your Gmail inbox disrupts your work. And before you know it, it is taking you some time to get back to your work rhythm.
A good example is if you have a member assigned to approve or reject incoming invoices from your vendors.
Help that team member stay distraction-free by automating your invoice approval process.
Using zenphi’s New Email trigger action, you can now receive automatic notifications. This Gmail workflow automation will kickstart when an email arrives at the pre-specified Gmail inbox.
Gmail Workflow automation using zenphi Step# 02.

Configure the trigger action by pointing it to the right Connection.  In zenphi’s language, Connection pertains to the Google Workspace account. In this case, it is particularly the Gmail Inbox, that receives the supplier invoices.

Gmail Workflow automation Step# 03.
Another convenient action for this Gmail workflow automaton is the If Condition. If an invoice email comes in without an attachment the flow will terminate and reject the invoice request
If the email does have an attachment, the flow will proceed to the next set of actions. The handler receives a Gmail notification to approve or reject the invoice details.

Eliminate Bottlenecks When It Comes to Document Approvals with Gmail Workflow Automation

Document approvals are notorious operational bottleneck hotspots. Chasing after approvals and revising documents due to rejection cause delays. In return, you need to push back tasks and project deadlines.
Notify and remind the people involved in the approval process. With the Assign Task action, you can easily assign approval tasks to the right people. This helps align your team when it comes to approval deadlines.
You can also configure how many notifications you can send, the interval between each notification, and when the task will expire. These notifications and reminders will all come in the form of a Gmail email.

Use Gmail Workflow Automation to Automatically Save Attachments from Incoming Emails

Saving attachments from incoming emails is another thing zenphi can eliminate for you and save you hours of manual work in the long run. 

Using the Save File action under Google Drive will automatically save attachments into the right folders. This action is especially helpful when you are compiling monthly invoices from different suppliers and customers.

Gmail workflow automation

zenphi: A Fully Dedicated Google Workspace Automation Platform

zenphi is here to help you revolutionize your Gmail Workflow automation and more! As a fully dedicated Google Workspace automation platform, zenphi can connect all of your Google apps in every automated system, not just Gmail. 

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