Why No-Code Automation is an Engine to Team’s Productivity


The no-code revolution is here, and it’s changing everything.

The world has seen a radical technological shift in the past couple of years, and the most noticeable change is that we work differently than we did just a few years ago. We use different tools and adopt newer technologies than ever before, and the growth of no-code software is leading us to the next big tech revolution.

Historically, creating interactive processes and websites on the Internet needed at least some code knowledge. However, this is changing, owing to tools that enable anyone to design interactive objects without any coding experience. 

Let’s look at the no-code revolution and why you need to get on board.

Why No-Code Automation is an Engine to Team’s Productivity
What is No-Code?

No-code is a solution that encourages you to develop integrations and workflow automation without knowing how to write a single line of code.

In today’s world, one of the primary goals of the technology business is to make technology accessible to everybody by revolutionising how technology is developed, sold, and used. And it is no surprise that the no-code wave is being widely considered the second computing revolution for democratising software and the Internet. 

According to Gartner, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use no-code technologies by 2025, up from less than 25% in 2020. This is seen as an excellent opportunity for no-code developers to not only strengthen technological development within an organization but also enhance its bottom line and take a step into digital transformation. Large, multi-billion dollar corporations like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have joined the no-code movement to empower more workers through easy-to-use, accessible technology. 

So, whatever you think no-code is, one thing is sure: no-code solves many problems. It is beneficial to businesses of all proportions. It’s a lifeline for small and medium-sized firms, allowing them to accomplish incredible things with limited resources. For established companies, no-code dives into the realm of self-learning systems removing the reservation of tech opportunities for those with coding knowledge, computer science degrees, or intensive training.

What is No-Code Automation?

When you want to get more done and have more impact at work, automation can be the helping hand you need. Automation can help whenever you find yourself doing something repeatedly, like moving information between apps or platforms, checking for alerts in multiple places, or informing people when changes have been made.  

No-code automation tools allow anyone to build apps and automate workflows using a visual interface — without writing a single line of code. As a result, no-code automation platforms remove the need for technical know-how and encourage using tools with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to design a one-of-a-kind solution to a problem. Celebrated for its effortless interface and flexibility, no-code software possesses endless possibilities for a business’s growth and deserves all the praise it gets. 

What Can You Do With No-Code Automation?

No-code is being adopted by an expanding community of organisations wanting to do everything like scale and compete. Here are a few examples of all you can achieve with no-code automation.

  1. Easing The Burden On IT by creating web applications and back-office programs without requiring the involvement of the service desk.
  2. Data-driven decision support, like Workflow management, establishes internal service-level agreements to ensure that staff acknowledges task completion.
  3. Greater agility facilitates business process automation functions, such as document approval from various parties.
  4. Seamless integration with other tools and platforms enables you to orchestrate complex workflows involving multiple systems. For example, you can automate Jira and Google Workspace to generate issue reports or automate your service desk requests.
  5. Rapid time to market is one of the primary benefits of no-code automation. It allows you to implement advanced automation quickly with a minimal learning curve. 
  6. Prebuilt workflows contribute to rapid deployment and quick returns.

How Can You Maximize Productivity With No-Code Automation?


Empower your team

The key benefit of no-code workflow automation platforms is that they are agile, highly user-friendly, and easy to understand. This is especially important in an age where software is more sophisticated than ever. It’s a flexible tool that can help streamline your business processes to fit your needs. 

With no-code process automation, your team can create workflows for their daily tasks, manage projects and customer relations. As well as automate repetitive tasks at scale. The consequent workflow automation will make it easier for your team to automate flows between many apps. And enable them to quickly begin using the limitless possibilities of automation to save time and space for creative impacts. 


That’s how your team can automate the Employee Onboarding process in zenphi with a no-code automation builder

More team members, regardless of ability level, have access by removing complex code, which promotes productivity. As a result, new concepts can be launched and iterated much more swiftly.


Place yourself in the driver’s seat

Let’s be honest, good programmers are not available in abundance. And when they exist, the cost of hiring them can jolt the budgets of many organizations. But no- code automation is changing the picture. 

No-code automation can resolve staff shortages, and enable limited IT teams to keep up with their demanding workload. It also allows organizations to allocate their existing skilled workforce away from mundane stuff. To the projects where they can genuinely impact the business. In addition, no-code platforms feature prebuilt drag-and-drop activities and functions that facilitate integration for members of all teams. 

So the use of automation is now no longer confined to the most technically savvy scientists, software engineers, and extensive business enterprises. Instead, no-code solutions allow anyone and everyone to benefit from automation.

Imagine if your marketing team could set up personalized emails to send your leads automatically. Or create activities when a deal moves along the pipeline. Cool, right?

Automation is now accessible to every company.


Embrace the No-Code Future

The most crucial thing no-code tools do is democratize data and technology. What we’re envisioning is making automation accessible and effortless for everyone. No-code automation tools will minimize the skills gap and put the superpower of automation into the hands of everyone. Which in the end will make the organisation way more productive than before. 

The most crucial thing no-code tools do is democratize data and technology.

Using no-code will bridge the gap between professionals and individuals with little or no prior coding experience, paving the way for our modern workforce’s future.

It’s worth digging into the apps in your tech stack to see what you can achieve using no-code automation. You may be surprised at what is possible without spending money on more software or employing a developer. 


Summing it Up

In a hyper-personalized world, building new solutions fast across an omnichannel ecosystem is a gift that organizations cannot take lightly. No-code software platforms fast-track digital programs by enabling a wider, non-technical audience to build flawlessly functioning products and highly productive workflows in a matter of minutes, and that’s game-changing! 

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