Case Study: Efficiency, Compliance & Accuracy Boost For High School Planning Team

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The Challenge: Manual data processing, scheduling and communication workflows put significant pressure on the planning team through the sheer volume of work required to maintain daily operations, school-wide. The Outcome: Through automation of planning, student management and communication processes, hours of manual work are saved every day, while simultaneously boosting accuracy and compliance. Industry: Education¬†|¬† …

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How School Administrators and Teachers Can Benefit from Google Workspace for Education Workflow Automation

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Do you want to make distance learning easier for your teaching staff? Then buckle up because Google Workspace for Education can help. With Google workflow automation, your teaching staff can focus more on teaching. As authorities in charge of educating young, brilliant minds, school administrators and teachers have their plates full of responsibilities. And the …

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A Guide to Remote Learning with Google Workspace for Education

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The education sector is among those that are hit the most by the COVID-19 pandemic. And with no clear signs of easing down, schools are turning to remote learning to quickly adapt. Online learning platforms such as Google Workspace for Education have grown in demand ever since. Remote learning with Google Workspace for Education enables …

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