Business Automation: Improving Your Productivity and Efficiency


Are you dragged down by routine company operations? Consider a process automation strategy that boosts business performance if you find yourself in a rut, performing the same tasks repeatedly. 

Your time can be saved by business or workflow automation software, allowing you to concentrate on crucial tasks, such as growing your company. In this blog post, we’ll go over a few company automation strategies, covering everything from accounting to human resources. Also, learn to use Google Workspace and Jira automation through our blogs. 

Additionally, we’ll discuss the advantages of process automation software and how it can boost your bottom line. So continue reading if you’re eager to discover more about how you can better manage your operations with business process automation and artificial intelligence.


The Big Trend

As technology has advanced, investment in business automation has increased. A Deloitte survey found that 13%, up from 4% in 2018, said that their company had adopted more than 50 automated systems. (source:

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Business Automation: What is it?

Business automation is the process of implementing new technologies to simplify routine tasks within a company. Its objectives include increased efficiency, decreased human errors and administrative expenses, increased productivity, and better customer service. 

It enables businesses to concentrate on activities that add value and generate higher profits instead of managing routine duties. This may cover everything from HR functions like payroll and scheduling to the gathering of client information, Finance functions like automated invoicing, and tailored email marketing, Operations functions like inventory management, IT services like assigning/revoking licenses, and more. 

Many repetitive, slow, or tedious jobs can be replaced by automation, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies while quickly and efficiently performing critical tasks.


Business Process Automation (BPA) – what is it?

Business process automation is the use of technology to automate manual, monotonous operations so that staff members can concentrate on more important tasks. Business process automation reduces costs, boosts productivity, and can simplify any workflow, no matter the complexity. Automation helps in managing and achieving a significant amount of work with much less time, and stress, involved.


What does automation look like?

In the business world, automation is now widespread and significantly affects daily operations. Automated technologies have transformed how organizations handle tasks like customer support, product ordering, accounting, and more—in both large corporations and small businesses. 

One of the most automated sectors is transportation; suppliers use algorithms to set prices and choose delivery routes, and many automobile factories now assemble cars almost entirely with robotic devices. Artificial intelligence is also being used more and more by retailers to process consumer inquiries and execute transactions. The term ‘automation’ may sound like yet another trend in businesses these days, but the positive impact of automation is well and truly here to stay.

Are you a business analyst? If so, we have shared the productivity tools for business to be used for you. 


Why is it crucial?

Business automation is at the top of the list of technology investments that business leaders prioritize because it increases productivity and efficiency, ultimately minimizing costs and enabling greater opportunity for growth. Businesses that adopt a wide perspective on automation (beyond simple, task-based desktop automation) have enhanced productivity and saved hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Automating your company’s operations can boost productivity and efficiency while encouraging workers to come up with more creative initiatives.


Why Should Business Processes Be Automated?

Imagine an automation strategy that boosts business performance and helps you gain more customers. Are you still thinking about whether to automate business processes? Then, here are some convincing reasons for automating your business processes.


Standardize operations

When a company process is automated, consistent results may be expected every time. By establishing a consistently reliable reputation, standardization can help you gain more customers, particularly through word of mouth.


Increase customer satisfaction

In every industry, customer satisfaction is a key differentiator. You can easily surpass customers’ expectations by delivering process and operational excellence. Customers are more likely to develop a preference for your business when you consistently fulfill your commitments, or even better – exceed their expectations.


Streamline processes

Eliminating unproductive processes and concentrating on improving tasks that provide value is easy to achieve by establishing clear accountability, customizable notifications, useful insights, and faster turnaround times. The result? Maximum efficiency, and more time to focus on strategic initiatives.


Automating processes enhances employee satisfaction and productivity.

A lot of people waste time manually entering data into various databases and extracting it as part of a manual process which is not the best use of a person’s time. The productivity of employees rises as a result of the implementation of business process automation technologies.

Automating any business workflow shifts previously tedious processes into efficient and effective systems. A tool like zenphi can achieve this for businesses of all shapes and sizes, with pricing plans to suit any team and a free trial to help you get started.


Benefits of business process automation solutions 

You might expect several advantages once you have automated your business processes. A few of the benefits of business process automation are mentioned below.

  • Your company’s operations will become considerably more transparent. Processes can be tracked and monitored as they are in action, which helps increase accountability and visibility.
  • In the long run, you’ll observe quicker turnaround times and lower costs brought on by fewer manual interventions, leading to an employee, client, and supplier satisfaction.
  • Since the application will take care of all repetitive, tedious tasks, you’ll also find that you may improve the way you allocate your personnel. You can lead your employees in this way to tasks that need effort and judgment from them.
  • Automating your business processes with a tool like Zenphi can transform productivity across all teams.


Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Automation 

Workflows are automated using business process automation or BPA, which increases organizational productivity. With the ability to integrate all current applications, BPA can automate an entire organization as compared to just one department. BPA can achieve complete end-to-end processes rather than specific tasks.

On the other hand, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that handles smaller, repetitive activities carried out by robots that only make up a small portion of a business process. 

Even though they can occasionally achieve the same results, such as reducing human error and boosting productivity by automating high-volume, low-value yet repeated processes, RPA cannot replace BPA – rather, RPA enhances it.


Workflow management software vs Business process management software

Workflow software is the ideal solution if you need to automate or organize a single workflow in your department. However, you should look for Business process automation software if you’re in control of a division with multiple interconnected operations. Due to this, you can manage numerous workflows, forms, notifications, reports, and much more.


Example: Advantages of business workflow automation in human resources (HR)

Business workflow automation has many benefits for teams of all shapes and sizes, and across any department – particularly people who are working in the HR department. 

  • Reduce paperwork significantly.
  • Ensure that all processes are compliant. 
  • Enhance the efficiency of the onboarding and offboarding process.
  • Improves business process management workflow for human resources.



By implementing digital technologies to carry out business processes with minimal to no human interference, business process automation is a way to enhance organizational efficiency.

Business process automation saves valuable employees’ time so they may concentrate more on activities that generate value by transferring the burden of finishing mundane tasks from humans to machines.

If you are not using these technologies to get rid of tedious administrative or clerical jobs, you might want to seek assistance from Zenphi. The small financial investment could eventually generate a considerable profit.

Our experts at zenphi have experience in letting you know how automation can help you improve your work and that too at affordable prices. You can try zenphi for free to avail a few services provided by us for Business Automation.


Here to Support

Although it can sound scary, automation need not be such. There are considerable benefits to automating your company, and this article has provided you with a solid base for understanding more. Kindly don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help with business automation.



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